Here you’ll find listed below of our most asked questions by our customers.

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Preparing for my pest service visit:

Preparing for my pest service visit: 

  • Please ensure general housekeeping is carried out prior to our service.
  • Clear bench tops of food items, ensure loose items are cleared around the floor areas
  • Most insecticides used by Propest Pest Control are considered of low mammalian toxicity and most internal sprays will be odourless, however during the service treatment, we prefer premises to be vacated. People cannot be in “immediate vicinity” of pesticide application.
  • If a member of the household is pregnant or may suffer from respiratory complaints it is advisable they vacate the premises for a minimum of 4 hours after completion of our treatment. 
  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed prior to and during treatment and until spray has dried.
  • Our qualified technician will complete a site risk assessment and provide you with a full treatment report, including recommendations for future prevention of activity to your home.
  • Our professional service is tailored to your home, and our technician will assess the best areas and methods to treat for your home based on the environment and infestation levels found.

Pest control safe for my family and pets?

  • Propest Pest Control use the safest pesticides available, the modern pesticide are regarded as safe to use around family and pets. However, we recommend that during the application of any pesticides family and pets are kept well away. Once applied it is generally safe to carry on with day to day activities around your property after 4 hours.  Talk to our Technician about your pets care.

How long after my house has been sprayed can I clean the floor?

  • This will depend on the treatment. For example, when treating for fleas on carpet areas it is essential that the carpets are not vacuumed for at least five days.
  • Where treatment for cockroaches is applied generally once the treatment has dried, normal day to day cleaning can commence.

Will the pest disappear right away?

  • There will be an initial impact on pest levels, although total elimination may take several days.

How often should I get my house sprayed?

  • Depending on your local environment we'd recommend your house be inspected at least every 12 months and where pest infestations are located we would apply treatment. 

Should I have a termite inspection every year?

  • Yes, as a minimum this is essential to protect your property.

Does home and content insurance cover termite damage?

  • In most cases no you would need to consult with your insurance company.

Will the spray destroy my garden?

  • No, all pesticides use we consider to be safest for your family and garden. 

What types of chemicals are used?

  • Only registered pesticides are used and Propest Pest Control use only those pesticides that we consider to be the safest for your family, pets and local environment.

Should I empty out my cupboards in the kitchen and empty out wardrobes?

  • Today’s modern approach to service these areas is to apply small quantities of gel bait, which in the main will not require cupboards and wardrobes to be emptied. However, your technician will provide further advice if needed. 

Does pest control have a warranty and how long does it last for?

  • Yes, warranty periods vary depending on the type of pest, property and local environment. The warranty can range from 1 month to 12 months.

What should I do to keep pests away from my home and office?

  • Maintain good basic hygiene and housekeeping standards both internally and externally.

My property has been treated for termites, will the termites return?

  • There is no 100% guarantee that following treatments termites will not return. This is why it is essential that your property is inspected at least every 12 months. This will also retain your warranty.





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